Our mission is to unlock
the human potential in creative ways

Human potential is of utmost value for us and we are determined in empowering disadvantaged people lead creative and productive lives. Our vision is to continuously work with a variety of technologies and networks, to serve people with additional needs. We focus on creating connected devices that operate in a modular fashion. Utilisation of user performance data, will also make a pivotal contribution on delivering value for our clients, stakeholders and the research community.

Founder, CEO

He holds a Bsc in Music Technology and a MA in Cultural Economics. For more than 10 years he has worked as designer of interactive systems for exhibitions and the performing arts and as a music performer himself. He was also part of the research and development team of new musical instruments in the electronic performing arts at STEIM in the Netherlands. He has a great interest in the use of technology in education and has organised several educational programmes and workshops throughout Europe. For the past two years he focuses his skills on unlocking the creative potential of people with disablities, conducting research on musical assistive technologies with users and therapists.
Georgios Papadakis
Business Development and Communication

She has a BSc in Accounting and Finance and has working experience in marketing research and accounting in the private health sector. She is good at spreading the vision of our team worldwide and also at finding stuff like funds and potential collaborations. Eirini has also worked with people with intellectual disabilities as a volunteer. She is interested on new technologies that have significant social impact, especially in the creative industries.
Eirini Malliaraki

Panagiotis holds an MSc in Machine Learning and Data Mining from University of Bristol, and in the past 5 years has been working in the field of large scale machine learning for Microsoft and startups. He often works in projects that combine machine learning and technology with art and his work has been exhibited in Barbican, V&A, SXSW and other places.
Panagiotis Tigas
UX designer

Estefania Trisotti is Senior User Interface Designer. For over 8 years, Estefanía has been creating different types of digital products and services for both public and private sectors in Chile, Colombia, Germany and UK. Her work combines graphic design skills with analytical thinking and creativity. She is interested in educational technology environments, and especially how design can improve the quality of learning experiences. Besides work, she is currently studying Service Design at the Royal College of Art in London.
Estefania Trisotti

We are looking for creative therapists, musicians, developers and designers.
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Product Designer

He has solid working experience in industrial design, rapid prototyping methods, injection molding and CAD/CAM manufacturing. He is equally skilled in designing mechanical systems and also manufacturing them in a smart and cost efficient way. George also knows every material with its exact code name by heart. In his free time he makes stuff in his laboratory, or he is playing with his daughter.
George Hountas