Creative training and therapy for people with additional needs.

See it in action

Accessible connected switches.
Versatile software & data analytics.

Place 2 up to 6 cosmo units on a stable surface, on amounting system or on the wall.

Choose among light and sound interactions through your PC, Mac and Ipad.

Start playing and train reaction to stimuli, memory, cause and effect, or express through music making games.

Enables musical creative expression and fosters social playing

Improves skills, trains speed and hand eye coordination

Supports sensory integration and trains orientation, memory and attention

Collects and reports data on physical and congitive skills

14 ways to interact with Cosmo!
Use the ones that suit you best

Sensory exploration: Touch any Cosmo unit to light it up in its vibrant colours and your favourite music plays back via your computer, tablet or speakers. Enhance the experience with the explorative option, where the force of the touch on the device modulates the texture of the sound. It gets mesmerising!

Memory training: Train your speed, attention, memory and visuomotor skills. Observe the light sequence on the Cosmo units, repeat it and get an exciting audiovisual reward. Start from the easy level (2 steps) and then move to more advanced levels. Can you remember faster and more complex sequences?

Turn Taking: Play music in turns and train your waiting, turn taking, attention and collaboration skills. Best played in groups of two or more. Load a tune and give one or more units to every participant. Each unit has a part of the selected tune and lights up in turns, to show whose turn it is. Press it when it's your turn and be part of the music circle.

Logical reasoning: Observe carefully, figure out the pattern and train your attention and logical reasoning skills. The computer screen shows a colour sequence. Cosmo units light up to repeat the sequence but parts of the pattern are missing. Can you figure out which ones? The game starts out easy but it can get very hard, always staying at student’s comfort zone.

Fitness Game: Release playfulness and get them moving! A multi-sensory and active way to train attention, orientation, speed, coordination of movement and teamwork. Place Cosmo units anywhere around the room. Students run to hit them in time, either solo.

Storytelling: Listen to a story instead of playing music. Each unit now has a part of pre-selected story and lights up in turns, to show whose turn it is. Press it when it's your turn and let the story unfold. Train your logical, verbal, turn taking and attention skills. Best played in groups of two or more.