Creative Residency for Educators and Therapists

Do you have experience working with students with special education needs? Do you have affinity for music? Do you want to collaborate with a team of designers, artists and engineers and develop new interactive activities for special education? If yes, then this opportunity is for you!

At Filisia we develop engaging multimedia and multisensory devices that use music and games to train physical, cognitive and communication skills. We also collect data and provide unique insights on students’ abilities. We are launching our first product in the end of summer 2016 and we want you to join us for a week in July to help us make it awesome. It’s a unique opportunity for you to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team and we will provide you with the resources and space for the exploration and development of new ideas and software interactions.

Brief timeline
The residency programme will take place in London and will run for three times during summer, starting in mid July 2016. The suggested duration is 8 days during which:

  • We will familiarise you with the interface
  • You will lead brainstorming sessions and the creative ideation of new interactions, game levels and user scenarios
  • Together with the team you will select the most interesting ideas to develop further and prototype on paper
  • You will then work on the the music and sound selection in order to enhance the educational and creative experience of the students
  • Finally, you will produce a written report documenting your findings and suggestions

You are also encouraged to communicate the results of this project to your network through presentations of the creative process and its outcomes, via school visits, blogposts and your social media channels.

Who should apply?
We encourage educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and music educators who have working experience with students with special education needs and interest in multimedia technology to apply.

Selection Criteria
The selection will be done on a competitive basis. If it sounds like you, please send us: your curriculum vitae outlining your education and experience and a cover letter providing examples of your work and stating reasons for wishing to undertake the residency at

Fees and Funding
You are expected to work from our office near Old Street in London, during the duration of the residency. We will cover travel and accommodation expenses if needed and you will receive a stipend of £800.

Dimitri is playing the memory game