Supply Chain Updates

May has been a pretty busy month for our engineers. Since our latest funding in April, the team has been focusing greatly on setting up the supply chain of Monoma. We are very excited since this is our first production run! We plan to have 200 units shipped to us by August, some of which will go to our first customers, others for beta testing, research, demos and exhibitions- you can still grab yours here.

For those not familiar with the supply chain process of a connected hardware device: it is actually a long chain of suppliers & service providers. Since, there are so many separate components to be ordered and assembled, good communication and documentation are crucial. Suppliers need to be contacted separately and decisions need to be optimised for time, cost and quality, affecting the BOM (bill of materials) every time.

Necessary hardware design changes were made in order for Monoma to be ready for the factory (DFM- design for manufacturability). We have ordered the steel mould from Greece- probably the most expensive piece of equipment in this process and we expect it to be ready by mid July. We have already received the charging cables, the different screws from China and the pads (adjusted at the bottom of the hardware to keep it stable and prevent slipping) from a British supplier. We are expecting the batteries, sensors, and chargers by the end of June. The choice of the plastic materials will be finalised later in July, after a series of testings is done in order to refine the material transparency and strength.

The design of the printed circuit boards is finalised and the production of the boards is assigned to a Dutch company. Moreover, we’ve received several samples of packaging and we will place our order in mid June (lead time: 1 month). The backside stickers for the hardware (indicating the serial number of the device and other technical and company information) and the are yet to be ordered from Greek suppliers. All these materials and equipment will be shipped to Athens, Greece by mid July, where our mechanical engineer  George will overview the assembly, testing, add the firmware and packaging.

This is not the end of our product of course: the rest of the team is working on the software development, interaction design, user experience, data analytics platform and business development- follow us on our social media channels to discover more news!